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I understand your point of view and GNOMEbuntu can't be used. The idea is
to use "Gubuntu" and the only limitation could be Canonical but since it is
now an official distro, the use of Gubuntu name is allowed.

So, why Gubuntu? Because most people already call it Gubuntu and because in
any pool the name Gubuntu always win.

It is just an opinion but we can't ignore that Ubuntu GNOME is already a


2013/3/5 Jeremy Bicha <jbicha at>

> On 5 March 2013 06:58, Everaldo Canuto <everaldo.canuto at> wrote:
> > Now that UGR is an official distro, do we need to still using the "remix"
> > word? Can we now switch to Gubuntu that is the name that most people
> want?
> The official name is now "Ubuntu GNOME"; no "Remix", no "Edition". I
> like the simplicity of this name and the GNOME Foundation Board has
> made it clear that we are not welcome to use derivative names like
> GNOMEbuntu as our official name. The name is similar to what "Ubuntu
> Studio" has been doing for, what 5-6 years?
> Thanks,
> Jeremy
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