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Ari Torhamo ari.torhamo at
Tue Jul 30 00:30:10 UTC 2013


I could use some ideas, as Nautilus Find doesn't currently work properly 
on my Ubuntu Gnome system (13.04, fully updated), and I'm not able to 
fix it. The problem is, Nautilus Find is only able to find files when I 
search from the default folders.

Search works from following folders and all their subfolders (Home is an 
- Desktop
- Documents
- Downloads
- Music
- Videos
- Home (search works only one level down from Home)

Search doesn't work from the root directory and external devices. Most 
of my files are placed in Home, so currently I'm not able to search much.

I recently updated Nautilus**with SolusOS Nautilus 3.4 **patch, but I'm 
not sure, if the problem coincided with the update. This also isn't the 
first time I have this problem, and previously I have always used 
vanilla Nautilus, so I'm inclined to think that the patch isn't the 
problem. Previously I didn't test the problem thoroughly, so I don't 
know, if the symptoms were exactly the same.

I tried different settings in System tools/Search, but it didn't make 
any difference. I specified an exact path to a folder there, but it 
didn't make the search work.

Information about SolusOS Nautilus patch:


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