[Artwork] Ubiquity Slideshow discussion.

Jeremy Bicha jbicha at ubuntu.com
Thu Aug 29 22:09:09 UTC 2013

On 24 August 2013 13:36, Alfredo Hernández <aldomann.designs at gmail.com> wrote:
> Okay, I shall concentrate on those ASAP. The Slideshow is almost finished,
> the code is finished, which is the most tedious thing about that; the other
> WIP stuff is very quick to finish.
> On 24 Aug 2013 13:31, "Tim" <tim at feathertop.org> wrote:
>> UI freeze is Sep 19. However it would be nice to get plymouth and syslinux
>> in for beta1/feature freeze (Aug 29). The slideshow can land some time after
>> feature freeze.

I did an initial merge proposal for you:


but we're in Beta Freeze now so I don't know if it will be included in
Beta 1 or after.

The Plymouth bootloader screens are in today's daily image and look good!


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