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Mon Aug 5 21:18:37 UTC 2013

> I agree with others that we shouldn't aim to change the "Pure" Gnome UX,
but I do feel adding in maybe a "Starters Guide" or something similar that
links to the wiki and gives details would probably be a good idea.

Yeah, we shall definitely make a starter guide in our wiki.

> Ubuntu Gnome does add the "User Menu" extension as default plus Tweak
Tool, maybe add the stock "gnome-shell-extensions-common" and that "should"
be enough of a foot in the door to help.

Oh, yeah, extensions like "User theme" are completely interesting to be
shipped by default. A guide to install and manage them shall also be added
to the beginners's guide.

> I've been using 13.10 daily without issues, it's actually rock solid, I
personally would like to see a slight "branding" as it were to Ubuntu
Gnome. Custom wallpaper and maybe an icon set that adheres to Ubuntu (gnome
shell is pretty neutral color wise) would be a nice addition, maybe not for
this release but for future ones.

I personally think that the new (3.10) default GNOME's wallpaper is
absolutely brilliant. Also, we are planning to do a wallpaper contest to
select the wallpaper we ship (not the default one, but the selection that
can be found in the Background settings).
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