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Mon Aug 5 20:53:14 UTC 2013

On 05/08/13 14:41, Anibal Ardid wrote:
> If anybody tested OpenSuse KDE , you can see what they do ... They 
> takes stock kde and put some modifications to do more personalized ...
> I'm talking to do something similar.
> 2013/8/5 Julien Olivier <julo42 at gmail.com <mailto:julo42 at gmail.com>>
>     Le dimanche 04 août 2013 à 19:51 -0300, Anibal Ardid a écrit :
>     > Why pure gnome experience ? Gnome pure = Fedora ...
>     >
>     > You can bring some beauty experience.
>     >
>     >
>     > I talk about some little extensions, disabled but installed.
>     It's only
>     > an idea ;)
>     >
>     I think the point is that, when creating a distribution for everyone,
>     you can't customize it so that it's perfect for everyone, because it
>     won't be. Everyone has different expectations, and, thus, the default
>     desktop should be as neutral as can be. That's why we should stick
>     with
>     the default GNOME experience, and make it easy for users to customize
>     it.
OpenSuse Gnome is no different than Ubuntu Gnome though, they use a 
stock Gnome UX but they do add a custom wallpaper and a popup guide at 
the start.

I agree with others that we shouldn't aim to change the "Pure" Gnome UX, 
but I do feel adding in maybe a "Starters Guide" or something similar 
that links to the wiki and gives details would probably be a good idea.

Ubuntu Gnome does add the "User Menu" extension as default plus Tweak 
Tool, maybe add the stock "gnome-shell-extensions-common" and that 
"should" be enough of a foot in the door to help.

I've been using 13.10 daily without issues, it's actually rock solid, I 
personally would like to see a slight "branding" as it were to Ubuntu 
Gnome. Custom wallpaper and maybe an icon set that adheres to Ubuntu 
(gnome shell is pretty neutral color wise) would be a nice addition, 
maybe not for this release but for future ones.
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