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Sujet : Re: Ubuntu-docs updates for Lucid
Date : dimanche 15 août 2010
De : Matthew East <mdke at ubuntu.com>
À : Ubuntu Doc <ubuntu-doc at lists.ubuntu.com>, Ubuntu translators <ubuntu-
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Dear all,

We haven't yet released any update to the Lucid documentation, which
was discussed on this thread earlier in the year.

I've now got around to uploading new pot templates to Launchpad with
the fixes to the bugs that we'd like to fix.

I'd like to invite the translators to go ahead and translate the new
strings. The changes are in two pot files:


It looks like there are 10 new strings in musicvideophotos and 22 new
strings in serverguide. I'd suggest that we leave 4 weeks or so for
translations to be updated. That would mean aiming for a translation
export on or around 13 September 2010 and an upload to lucid-proposed
shortly after that. The updated translations would then be available
in the next language pack update thereafter.

Let me know if you envisage any problems with this. If a shorter time
can be achieved for translations, please let me know.

Of course translators can also add any other translations which they
would like to any ubuntu-docs templates: i.e. if a particular template
is incomplete in your language, please go ahead and complete it and
the new translations will also be imported.

Matthew East
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