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Objet:   Help Translate ubuntu-docs
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The Ubuntu Documentation Team has produced a couple of documents for
Ubuntu Breezy Badger which will be released in October. We would be
delighted if you would help to translate these documents into your
languages, which can be found at the following URL:


The first document is "About Ubuntu", the document used as the homepage
for firefox and which can be accessed from the System menu in Ubuntu.

The second document is the "Ubuntu FAQ Guide", a collection of
frequently asked questions which is based on the tremendously popular
"Unofficial UbuntuGuide" and which has been developed to provide
authoritative answers to users' questions. This guide is very extensive
and will require plenty of help in order to translate it!

I would be very happy if LoCoTeam contacts and leaders would pass this
message on to the relevant translation groups.

Thank you for your attention and your help with this project.

If you have any questions or comments, please direct that at the Ubuntu
Documentation Team mailing list at:

I apologise for the number of mailing lists this email is going to!


loco-contacts mailing list
loco-contacts at lists.ubuntu.com

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