Duplicate packages

NSV nsv at fr.st
Lun 12 Sep 18:00:09 UTC 2005

>Claude Paroz wrote:
>>There is still many duplicate packages to translate for Breezy, like :
>>wflogs	wflogs
>>wflogs	pkgconf-wflogs
>Those might not be duplicates - please check and let us know. I suspect
>that the pkgconf one has the installation questions, and the other one
>has the actual app translations.
>>libcpanplus-perl review-breezy-libcpanplus-perl-1
>>libcpanplus-perl review-breezy-libcpanplus-perl-2
>>libcpanplus-perl review-breezy-libcpanplus-perl-3
>These are duplicates, please avoid them. Jordi, Carlos, we need to sort
>those out asap.

Other duplicates :
+ Template "xxx-deprecated-do-not-use-6" of "binutils-avr" and Template "gprof" of "binutils"

+ All templates of Celestia (https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/breezy/+sources/celestia/+pots/celestia-kde) are identical

+ Template "review-breezy-childsplay-2" and Template "review-breezy-childsplay-3"

+ Template "review-breezy-gambas-7", Template "review-breezy-gambas-11", Template "review-breezy-gambas-3"

+ Template "review-breezy-gcc-avr-1" and Template "gcc-3.4"

+ Template "review-breezy-gcc-m68hc1x-2" and Template "xxx-deprecated-do-not-use1" of "gcc-3.3"

+ Template "xxx-deprecated-do-not-use-1" of "gcc-snapshot", Template "xxx-deprecated-do-not-use-1" of "gcc-3.4", Template "xxx-deprecated-do-not-use-1" of "gcc-4.0" and Template "review-breezy-gcc-avr-2"

Templates of glib, gtk2 and gdb are the same problem too


Nicolas Velin

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