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paco paco en
Vie Nov 26 17:57:43 UTC 2010

Hi translators,

Just a heads up that after fixing some technical issues, the first
Maverick language packs are now available from the language packs PPA

What does this mean?

       * Maverick language packs will now be available on the PPA every
         week on Wednesday, as per the current schedule [2]. If you want
         to test fresh translation updates every week, you can go and add
         this PPA to your system following the instructions at [3].
       * These language packs will be available to testers subscribed to
         the PPA every week, and they will be released to the
         maverick-updates repository (after testing [4]) from time to
         time, to be delivered to all users.
       * We are still determining the schedule [5] for the releases to
         maverick updates, but it will be announced in due time on this

I'm thinking of proposing the next language pack on Wednesday next week
to be considered for maverick-updates. Unless there are any concerns,
this means:

       * You've got some time until Tuesday (the date of the export) to
         complete any remaining Maverick translation you'd like to see on
         this language pack.
       * Wednesday or Thursday (depending on how long it takes for the
         packages to build) the packages will be uploaded to
         maverick-proposed and I'll send a call for testing.
       * After that, we'll follow the procedure for testing them [4], and
         those teams which have acknowledged that they've successfully
         tested the packages will have their packages uploaded to

Does that sound good? If you've got any questions or concerns, please
let me know.



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