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On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 4:48 PM, Ahmed Khattab Shams <
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> On 05/10/2010, Islam Wazery <al.wazery at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I am sorry for being late to reply,
> >
> > 1- OK i am agree with Toulan about the gifts "we can give something that
> we
> > don't usually give away for free" but let this after we define our
> financial
> > status.
> Yes, we can collect denotations specially for this, what amount of
> money should we get? What gifts are? what quantity of each? will be
> given to how many?
I guess we don't have to think about this now.

> > 2- About the interview (Seif Lotfy+1) as he is Egyptian. And textual
> > interviews are good, to fit the magazine.
> Now: Result = Sief Lotfy (+3). [toulan + wazery + shams]
> I'll try to contact him to plan for the interview. Agree?
> +Regarding the Release party, can't we ask him to introduce the
> "Zeitgeist" Project,
> or even to give IRC-lessons or One-alive-Session Mentorship for
> Bug-Triaging for Zeitgeist ?
> Zeitgeist: https://edge.launchpad.net/zeitgeist
Yes, please contact him and I don't think he is in Egypt. So, he won't be
able to attend the release party.

> > 3- About the video content i didn't mean referring with a link or
> citation.
> > Please see the attached photo to get what i have in mind.
> It's a good Idea.
> > 4- "The e-mag won't be about the LoCo it will be for the Egyptian and
> > hopefully the Arab community too. We should expect them to want to know
> > about what's going on in the Ubuntu community in general too. So
> > translation, if done the right way, will be a bonus." Totally agree.
> Ok, let's go ahead any find some suitable Articles to translate. But
> please note that the translation process is going to take some time.
> When we choose and agree upon the articles don't we then need to get
> the editor's opinion first before any translation, I mean can he in
> somehow refuse some Articles?
> > 5- We now need to make a brainstorming for the magazine name *please
> > everybody suggest names to make votes on them. *and i will
> > contact Ubuntu plus editor to ask him about the name and if he can write
> > with us.
> sorry, I don't have any suggestions. :(
أوبونتو المصرى
أوبونتو مصر
Sounds good ?

Best regards,
Ahmed Toulan.
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