Dear Ubuntuers

Klazzik klazzik at
Thu May 7 01:49:56 UTC 2009

Welcome back Karim, no hard feelings ;)


On Wed, 2009-05-06 at 15:12 +0300, Karim Fayez wrote:
> Dear Ladies and gentlemen;
> Please allow me to first express my appologies for not being around
> for a long time but I think I have appropriate reasons that I will
> share with you.. first of all I work in the oil and gas industry which
> doesnt allow me to be in cairo nor having an internet access for long
> times.. second is that I was studying an intensive course related to
> my work in the US for 4 month which was putting me under great
> pressure all the time.. but I tried to keep around and available
> through phone and emails as much as possible and no one had ever
> called me or sent me an email without getting an answer and some help
> also even online.. I hope my appologies are accepted..
> I was surprised to be recognized as the lost karim fayez on the wiki
> page as I have never been out of reach for anyone and it was very
> simple to try to contact me anytime 24/7 which happened frequently by
> people inside and outside Egypt so I changed it so that you can know I
> am there.. and every body is welcomed to contact me anytime on my
> phone which is stated in the wiki paga which is 0122202526 and as I
> said 24/7..
> finally regarding moderators and admins I am voting yes for whatever
> every body sees in the favour of our community in Egypt..
> I finally hope my appologies are accepted and no hard feelings are
> left behind..
> Thanks and best regards;
> Karim Fayez
> Ubuntero
> Ubuntu-eg

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