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First things first. *W*INE *I*s *N*ot an *E*mulator, that's actually where
the name came form. This is what  is called recursive acronym.

From website:

*"Wine is an Open Source implementation of the
Windows<>API on top of
X <>, OpenGL <>, and Unix."*

IMHO, WINE is one of the greatest projects ever created for the opensource.
It is a really active project (I think there is a release every 2 weeks or
something). It made me use LINUX freely and run the windows applications
that I can't find replacement for, but of course it's not perfect. If your
application is not supported out of the box, u'll most probably fail to use
it with WINE. Sometimes you have to do some configuration hacks, other times
you have to use native windows DLLs.

Also with new releases u might find that your application does not run as
with the old version. For newbies who are used to point and click behaviour,
they find this really hard to understand. So other projects come along to
help with the problem. PlayOnLinux <>is a new
opensource project which aim to solve most of these problems. It can make u
install different versions of wine. For example if u have a game that runs
in wine ver 0.95 and an application that runs in wine ver 0.96 but version
0.96 has some bugs that prevents the game from running. Using playonlinux
you can have both versions installed and the game will use 0.95 and the
application will use 0.96 .   Another benefit of PlayOnLinux is that u can
make it install DirectX for you, which is pretty tedious if you have to do
it yourself.  You can use the user contributed scripts to easily install
application. The project is still new and alot is expected in the future.

About the Adobe products. Google is supporting wine to make Adobe products
run fine on LINUX.

Please read this link

Best regards,

Ahmed Toulan.

On Sat, Jun 7, 2008 at 3:45 PM, Hassan Ibraheem <hasan.ibraheem at>

> wine isn't bad, it's an emulator, it tries to "imitate" a thing that it
> isn't.
> Solving the problem of cs3 and such software is only half-solution, it
> ignores the real problem, the fact that Adobe doesn't provide
> GNU/Linux versions for their software.
> So, why CS3 is bad in WinE ? because it wasn't made for WinE.
> It's the same when linux lacked hardware support (the situation is
> much better now for sure), It wasn't linux, it was the hardware
> vendors.(for the most part)
> Some will say "Hey, stop giving excuses for every missing feature", I
> agree, but seriously, wine developers are solving a problem that they
> didn't create. and I believe they're doing great for that matter.
> Is there room for improvement ? yes, I think so.
> but what would really solve the core problem? continue providing
> workarounds and emulations for every software vendor that didn't
> support the OS we want!!
> or, for the software vendors to respect our choice of the OS we choose ?
> my suggestions? when u got locked up to such a situation, go with
> Virtualization solutions, Virtual Box is great, I use it because my
> college doesn't respect my choice and encourages me to become
> dependant on a specific software vendor.
> IMO, I don't consider proprietary cs3 is that critical or inescapable,
> but that's your decision of course, not mine :)
> 2008/6/7, tamer elsawaf <tego128 at>:
> > ok memo dude :) but i say that really as iam get mad at that time about
> wine
> > and crossover to setup cs3 family and i see a German make it on youtube
> and
> > nothing help me or google at this point
> > so i say that as i make xp and ubuntu on my lap and i wanna be on linux
>  yes
> > i love it as i build  my knowledge .yes i think we all know that but what
> > about cs3 and  i wanna know if Mandriva 2008 fix that i will download it
> >  and i wanna know why wine is so bad its badly looking thats really not
> > relieve anyone
> > and sorry foll all but i hate wine not linux
> > and i dont love xp
> > i love both be on one lap or pc
> >
> >
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