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MeMo moamen at
Sat Jun 7 16:11:42 UTC 2008

AFAIK CS3 will be supported soon , i already run CS on my ubuntu pc and it
works flawlessly

2008/6/7 Ahmed Toulan <thelinuxer at>:

> First things first. *W*INE *I*s *N*ot an *E*mulator, that's actually where
> the name came form. This is what  is called recursive acronym.
> From website:
> *"Wine is an Open Source implementation of the Windows<>API on top of
> X <>, OpenGL <>, and Unix."*
> IMHO, WINE is one of the greatest projects ever created for the opensource.
> It is a really active project (I think there is a release every 2 weeks or
> something). It made me use LINUX freely and run the windows applications
> that I can't find replacement for, but of course it's not perfect. If your
> application is not supported out of the box, u'll most probably fail to use
> it with WINE. Sometimes you have to do some configuration hacks, other times
> you have to use native windows DLLs.
> Also with new releases u might find that your application does not run as
> with the old version. For newbies who are used to point and click behaviour,
> they find this really hard to understand. So other projects come along to
> help with the problem. PlayOnLinux <>is a
> new opensource project which aim to solve most of these problems. It can
> make u install different versions of wine. For example if u have a game that
> runs in wine ver 0.95 and an application that runs in wine ver 0.96 but
> version 0.96 has some bugs that prevents the game from running. Using
> playonlinux you can have both versions installed and the game will use 0.95
> and the application will use 0.96 .   Another benefit of PlayOnLinux is that
> u can make it install DirectX for you, which is pretty tedious if you have
> to do it yourself.  You can use the user contributed scripts to easily
> install application. The project is still new and alot is expected in the
> future.
> About the Adobe products. Google is supporting wine to make Adobe products
> run fine on LINUX.
> Please read this link
> Best regards,
> Ahmed Toulan.
> On Sat, Jun 7, 2008 at 3:45 PM, Hassan Ibraheem <hasan.ibraheem at>
> wrote:
>> wine isn't bad, it's an emulator, it tries to "imitate" a thing that it
>> isn't.
>> Solving the problem of cs3 and such software is only half-solution, it
>> ignores the real problem, the fact that Adobe doesn't provide
>> GNU/Linux versions for their software.
>> So, why CS3 is bad in WinE ? because it wasn't made for WinE.
>> It's the same when linux lacked hardware support (the situation is
>> much better now for sure), It wasn't linux, it was the hardware
>> vendors.(for the most part)
>> Some will say "Hey, stop giving excuses for every missing feature", I
>> agree, but seriously, wine developers are solving a problem that they
>> didn't create. and I believe they're doing great for that matter.
>> Is there room for improvement ? yes, I think so.
>> but what would really solve the core problem? continue providing
>> workarounds and emulations for every software vendor that didn't
>> support the OS we want!!
>> or, for the software vendors to respect our choice of the OS we choose ?
>> my suggestions? when u got locked up to such a situation, go with
>> Virtualization solutions, Virtual Box is great, I use it because my
>> college doesn't respect my choice and encourages me to become
>> dependant on a specific software vendor.
>> IMO, I don't consider proprietary cs3 is that critical or inescapable,
>> but that's your decision of course, not mine :)
>> 2008/6/7, tamer elsawaf <tego128 at>:
>> > ok memo dude :) but i say that really as iam get mad at that time about
>> wine
>> > and crossover to setup cs3 family and i see a German make it on youtube
>> and
>> > nothing help me or google at this point
>> > so i say that as i make xp and ubuntu on my lap and i wanna be on linux
>>  yes
>> > i love it as i build  my knowledge .yes i think we all know that but
>> what
>> > about cs3 and  i wanna know if Mandriva 2008 fix that i will download it
>> >  and i wanna know why wine is so bad its badly looking thats really not
>> > relieve anyone
>> > and sorry foll all but i hate wine not linux
>> > and i dont love xp
>> > i love both be on one lap or pc
>> >
>> >
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