The new unified Arabic portal.

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Thu Jun 5 17:15:05 UTC 2008

totally awesome , i suggested this site in previous email :)
BUT, i'm a little worried about the commercial sponsoring thing !!!!
any details on that ?
is the company represented on the site ?
will all the content fall under CC license ??

if every thing is cool ,the i suggest we list a todo list right away :D

On Thu, Jun 5, 2008 at 7:52 PM, A.B. <ab at> wrote:

> Dear Arabic Ubuntu enthusiasts,
> Lately there has been promising calls on different mailing lists to
> unify the efforts of Arabic localization of Ubuntu and establishing
> common Arabic community for Arabic users of different levels. I would
> like to announce a first step in that direction:
>  The Arabic Ubuntu Portal. (Can we make it the Official?)
>  The official mailing list for the Arabic localization of Ubuntu
>  From the introductory text on the site:
>  " will strive to be the main portal for Arabic Ubuntu
> users and the Ubuntu Arabic translation process. It will not compete
> with or duplicate the work done elsewhere (Launchpad for example) but
> will try to complement it and offer the necessary tools that will help
> reach our goal of an up to date, stable, comprehensive and community
> supported Arabic Ubuntu. The site is fully sponsored by a commercial
> company, but will be community governed and driven and will
> live by the codes of the Free and Open Source Software community."
> Currently there is little more than an introductory page listing the
> different Arabic Ubuntu sites and mailing lists. Your input is needed on
> what we should setup first:
> What would you like to see first on the
>  Mailing lists, Forum, Wiki, Blogs, other?
> PS: I type so much faster in English. Please feel free to translate to
> Arabic and post in the appropriate lists/forums.
> Regards,
> Ahmed Badr
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