The new unified Arabic portal.

A.B. ab at
Thu Jun 5 16:52:49 UTC 2008

Dear Arabic Ubuntu enthusiasts,

Lately there has been promising calls on different mailing lists to 
unify the efforts of Arabic localization of Ubuntu and establishing 
common Arabic community for Arabic users of different levels. I would 
like to announce a first step in that direction:
  The Arabic Ubuntu Portal. (Can we make it the Official?)
  The official mailing list for the Arabic localization of Ubuntu

 From the introductory text on the site:
  “ will strive to be the main portal for Arabic Ubuntu 
users and the Ubuntu Arabic translation process. It will not compete 
with or duplicate the work done elsewhere (Launchpad for example) but 
will try to complement it and offer the necessary tools that will help 
reach our goal of an up to date, stable, comprehensive and community 
supported Arabic Ubuntu. The site is fully sponsored by a commercial 
company, but will be community governed and driven and will 
live by the codes of the Free and Open Source Software community.”

Currently there is little more than an introductory page listing the 
different Arabic Ubuntu sites and mailing lists. Your input is needed on 
what we should setup first:

What would you like to see first on the
  Mailing lists, Forum, Wiki, Blogs, other?

PS: I type so much faster in English. Please feel free to translate to 
Arabic and post in the appropriate lists/forums.

Ahmed Badr

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