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David Groos djgroos at
Thu Jun 17 00:34:08 BST 2010

It's a Greek app that we developed to meet the needs of our local
> schools:
> It only works on Lucid. The toolbar buttons should replace most of iTalc
> functionality,
> The fat/thin chroot generation wizard won't be useful outside of Greece
> as it is though, as it's too much focused on local schools. If some
> programmer wanted it'd be nice if he generalized it though, as the
> generated fat chroot allows for mixed labs (both thin+fat clients can
> boot off of it) with min RAM=64Mb. It's working amazingly well.

That would be a great product!  I don't have the skills, unfortunately.  How
many hours of work are you talking about?

> To sum up: DON'T install it on any production environments without
> trying it on a test lab first, and DON'T install it if you're not happy
> with only understading the toolbar (the rest is in Greek) :)

> Some basic instructions for dgross:
> On the server:
>  * sudo add-apt-repository
>  * sudo apt-get update
>  * sudo apt-get install sch-scripts
>   This depends on (=installs) ltsp-server and also it sets up dnsmasq
>   in ProxyDHCP mode.
>   (
> On the chroot:
>  * sudo cp /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ \
>     /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/apt/sources.list.d
>  * sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386
>  * apt-get update
>  * apt-get install sch-client
>  * exit
>  * sudo ltsp-update-image
> THANKS!  I'll give it a try... I do this after I've got a Lucid LTSP setup

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