What has happen to all of the topics on this lists?

Zackary Boarman zackboarman at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 01:48:23 BST 2007

how could a list have been unactive for over a month (I'm basing this on
the fact that there has been no new e-mails from this list lately).

There is still plenty of topics left to cover like:
how to get more school boards to learn about linux & all of it's great
TCO info, or it's safty. 

Also I think that there should be more programs for testing, like a OSS
version of AR (a program that tests students over books they have
read.), StarMath & StarReading. And there is alot more programs out
there that could be needed, that could be just that one critical piece
of software that's riding the choice to go all linux, or stick to the
Window$ that we all know. & if they have already been done, then they
should be better documented, or have like a page on the edubuntu/ubuntu
wiki showing the linux program & the windows program.

Zackary P. Boarman
zackboarman at gmail.com
zackboarman at users.madkeylug.org

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