Simón Ruiz simon.a.ruiz at
Thu Sep 6 03:49:38 BST 2007

Welcome, Brother Rodney!

It's exciting to hear about your journey, and we hope to hear more as
you walk it.

If you have any questions or come across any confusing problems, just
ask! We're all involved in one way or another with Ubuntu in
educational settings, so it's likely that we'll have some similar
challenges on our path.

I'm from the USA State of Indiana, and I work in a school where Linux
has been a major player behind the scenes for years and is now
starting to make it's way, in the form of Ubuntu, to the desktop.

If you need anything, let us know. I think I can speak for all of us
when I say we'll help as we can.

Hope you're have a! ;-)


On 9/4/07, Rod Ellyard <ellyard.rod at> wrote:
> I am Brother Rodney J Ellyard, Diocesan Superintendent for Education in
> the Diocese of Kabankalan, Negros Occidental, Philippines.
> Most of our schools are in rural areas and range from poor to very poor in
> terms of the people they serve and the facilities they possess.  A program
> of fund-raising in my native Australia is leading towards improved
> computer access.  The licence free tag of edubuntu led us to explore your
> product which we find very good.
> Today we introduced the computer teachers of 15 of our 19 High Schools to
> edubuntu product.  There is a journey to take and a range of decisions to
> take before we have edubuntu installed.
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