Hello all :)

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Hello Darrell,

Some resources for you to check out:

[1] Language Packs

* Ubuntu 6.10

* Ubuntu 6.06

[2] Ubuntu Translation Teams

* 3 Chinese options

[3] LoCo Teams - Local Country Teams

* Look for China
* Also Taiwan

See also:
* This has IRC channels & mailing list details.

Some older newsletters


Technically, there is little to be concerned about. Our byline is Linux
for Human beings.

Let us know if you have any more questions.


On Sun, 2006-12-03 at 13:47 -0500, Simon Ruiz wrote:
> There must be a Traditional Chinese language version available somewhere! (Famous Last Words)
> So, I don't really know the difference between Traditional and Simplified Chinese just by looking at it, but have you checked out http://www.dubuntu.com/ ??? http://www.ubuntu.com.cn/ ???
> If Ubuntu is the first Operating System translated into Kurdish, I can't imagine there isn't a Traditional Chinese version.
> Have you spoken with the nice people at http://www.ubuntu.org.tw/ ???
> Best of luck to you, friend, and welcome to our community!
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> Hi,
> As you can see my name is Darrell, and I'm very new to this:)
> I'm in Taiwan teaching English, and having a great time at it too. I came across Edubuntu not by accident, but by chance. It was the result of an off-topic comment on Dailykos - www.dailykos.com
> I'm ready to install the OS (I hate Windows), but I'm not a techie and not sure about internet connection, and the language barrier is high (I'm worried that a technician here won't know Linux).
> Also, I had a meeting with my boss yesterday and showed him the software. I have him 90% convinced to set up a classroom. The stumbling point again is language. Is there a TRADITIONAL Chinese language version available, and where can I get it?
> Kind Regards,
> Daz
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