[ec2] [ubuntu-ec2] does vmbuilder command work to rebundle?

Peter Wolanin peter.wolanin at acquia.com
Mon Feb 1 13:22:37 GMT 2010

I'm just trying to take a running instance with a few packages and
some configuration and bundle an AMI that can be launched with all
that in place (i.e. just a very basic rebunding of a running instance
into s3).

I was under the impression that the standard EC2 bundling process did
not give the same kernel image as what the official Cannonical AMIs
have, hence the need to use the vmbuilder tool. So if I follow the
steps at http://alestic.com/2009/06/ec2-ami-bundle I'l get the
Cannonical kernel image?

Thanks so much for the clarification.


On Mon, Feb 1, 2010 at 2:33 AM, Eric Hammond <ehammond at thinksome.com> wrote:
> Peter Wolanin wrote:
>> Does the command listed here work?  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EC2Vmbuilder
> Not recommended in its current state.  That references some very old
> code and probably won't work very well.
>> I'm trying to rebundle a 9.10 AMI and it seems to create an image, but
> The word "rebundle" is generally used to indicate that you are bundling
> a running EC2 instance into a new AMI.  There are a number of guides on
> how to do this including:
>  http://alestic.com/2009/06/ec2-ami-bundle
> However, since you're pointing to vmbuilder instructions, I'm assuming
> you want to build a new AMI from scratch.
> I took the code used to build the official Karmic AMIs with vmbuilder
> and created the following tutorial which documents steps a human can use
> to build a new EBS boot or S3 based AMI from scratch:
>  http://alestic.com/2010/01/vmbuilder-ebs-boot-ami
> However, vmbuilder is not entirely necessary as you can simply start
> with the image which is already built and customize it for your needs:
>  http://alestic.com/2010/01/ec2-ebs-boot-ubuntu
> --
> Eric Hammond

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