[ec2] Karmic cron daemon problem

Кирил Ангов kangov at kolko.bg
Fri Nov 6 07:26:02 GMT 2009


I was waiting for the official karmic ami to come out so that we can upgrade
our servers and everything seems to be working OK apart from one problem.
Two almost identical server, one for the database and one for the webserver.
The problem is on the database server the cron deamon does not want to work.
It was working for the first several hours and then something happened and
now "restart cron" or "start cron" commands just hang and never start the
cron daemon. On the webserver it works as expected.

This is maybe more of a ubuntu question in general but there is nothing in
the logs and I do not know where to start from to debug this problem.
Searching google shows that nobody yet had this exact problem. The cron is
very required for our setup so I need to get it working ASAP.

Thanks for any pointers or solutions.

Кирил Ангов
тел: (+359) 895-423938
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