[ec2] Script of rolling EBS volume snapshots?

Jeffrey Greenberg jeffg at inventivity.com
Tue Jun 23 17:05:11 BST 2009

I'm looking for a shell script just to keep it simplest and lowest common
denominator... perl if it must be... the rest (php, python, ruby, et all are
too specialized for the general case -- we're using php but i don't want to
use it or the others for admin scripts)
i recognize that there's need for persistance of the mapping between the
amazon snapshot name and the date of the snapshot.  To me, not being able to
control the name or snap meta-data is a notable Amazon shortcoming, and
would make this task much easier...
Jeffrey Greenberg
http://www.jeffrey-greenberg.com <http://www.jeffrey-greenberg.com/> 

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Subject: [ec2] Script of rolling EBS volume snapshots?

I'm looking for a script to be run from cron to create EBS snapshots on a
periodic basic (daily or hourly), and then to remove them after X number of
days (say 10 days).   It would also be useful to be able to move a weekly
snapshot to S3...
Is there such a script around? 
One challenge is that snapshots names are controlled by the ec2 snapshot
code, rather than being meaningful to us...
Another is, any good code for doing the date math to figure out if X days
have elapsed on a file or arbitrary date string.
Jeffrey Greenberg
http://www.jeffrey-greenberg.com <http://www.jeffrey-greenberg.com/> 

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