[ec2-beta] EC2 mirror available for testing

Alex Polvi alex at polvi.net
Tue Jan 13 20:08:13 GMT 2009


Hope this finds you well. After our discussion yesterday, I setup a
full ubuntu mirror on EC2. /etc/apt/sources.list examples here:


It is available via http is rsync inside of the EC2 network.

I'm also looking for people who would be willing to mirror this inside
EC2. This is because the data is stored on the /mnt/ drive -- while
the cheapest option, it is also volatile. Would be awesome if someone
could mirror the 265G on EC2 as well, just so we don't have to do an
entire off-site re-sync if my node goes down. Please let me know if
you do this. You will need any node larger than an m1.small to get
enough disk space to host the mirror. I'm using a c1.medium.

rsync from here (inside EC2 only): rsync://ubuntu.overcastgroup.com/ubuntu/

A complete sync will take about 2hrs inside EC2. Mine pulls the latest
mirror data every 6 hours (upstream is  mirrors.kernel.org).

I've shared this with Eric, and he says there are murmurings of
another provider popping up with more mirrors. However, if you are an
individual or company interested in sponsoring a mirror, I've got it
setup so you can just launch an image and it will become an ubuntu
mirror. The only requirement is that we have a source mirror somewhere
inside EC2, so that you don't have to pay the ~$25 in bw charges or
wait 18hrs to finish. Let me know if you're interested!

Feel free to use this, but consider it a "beta". I will announce any
changes to the mirror here...

Feedback appreciated!


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