[ec2-beta] Release of Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10

Chuck Short chuck.short at canonical.com
Sat Apr 25 15:56:09 BST 2009

The Ubuntu EC2 team is please to announce the Ubuntu EC2 for 8.10 and 8.04.
This release aims to provide a stable platform which allows users to run 
their applications in an
EC2 environment.

This release marks the closing of the beta period for Ubuntu Amazon 
EC2.  The Ubuntu EC2 team will continue
to provide updates and support to the 8.10 and 8.04 images while working 
on Ubuntu EC2 images for both Jaunty Jackalope and Karmic Koala.  Stay 
tuned for more details!

To get Amazon Ubuntu EC2

The Ubuntu EC2 images are available to the public. The AMI ids for the 
images are the following:


canonical-beta-us/ubuntu-intrepid-20090422-amd64      ami-255bbc4c
canonical-beta-us/ubuntu-intrepid-20090422-i386      ami-5059be39
canonical-beta-us/ubuntu-hardy-20090422-i386              ami-5d59be34
canonical-beta-us/ubuntu-hardy-20090422-amd64      ami-2959be40


canonical-beta-eu/ubuntu-intrepid-20090422-amd64      ami-12c0e866
canonical-beta-eu/ubuntu-intrepid-20090422-i386      ami-1cc0e868
canonical-beta-eu/ubuntu-hardy-20090422-i386          ami-10c0e864
canonical-beta-eu/ubuntu-hardy-20090422-amd64      ami-3ac0e84e

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About Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a full-featured Linux distribution for desktops, laptops,
netbooks,servers and now clouds, with a fast and easy install and 
regular releases.  A
tightly-integrated selection of excellent applications is included, and an
incredible variety of add-on software is just a few clicks away.

Professional services, including support, are available from Canonical
Limited and hundreds of other companies around the world.  For more
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More Information

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