[ec2-beta] Official Eucalyptus EMI's next to AMI's

Wouter Samaey wouter.samaey at gmail.com
Sat Apr 25 14:43:48 BST 2009

With the new release of 9.04 server, it is possible to run your own
EC2 enviroment (called Eucalyptus).

Eucalyptus is compatible with the ec2 commands, but requires special
EMI's instead of AMI's (both are conceptually the same, just not
compatible). It is however possible to modify an AMI into an EMI.
Since official AMI's are being released, I was wondering if there will
also be official EMI's. It would definately make sense now that
Eucalyptus is bundled.

I also do not have the understanding of creating an EMI from the AMI.
I believe it requires selecting a kernel which cannot be obtained via
Amazon. This sounds too advanced for me, and I can assume other people
will want to try out Eucalyptus.

Another off-topic question: Why is it called a "preview", as it is
bundled and working?

Kind regards

Wouter Samaey

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