[ec2-beta] Ubuntu Amazon EC2 RC1 is released.

Sam Johnston samj at samj.net
Sun Apr 19 09:52:51 BST 2009


On Sun, Apr 19, 2009 at 9:32 AM, Mark Shuttleworth <mark at ubuntu.com> wrote:

> Chuck Short wrote:
> Highlights of the new features include the following:
> 1. Release of Ubuntu Hardy Heron: [snip]
> 2. Landscape support: [snip]
> 3. RightScale support: [snip]
> 3. Ubuntu-on-ec2 PPA [snip]
> 4. Updated software: [snip]
>  Congratulations Chuck! Looking forward to hearing feedback on 8.04-EC2 and
> the other new features.

Agreed, the cloud computing features you guys are supporting look great, in
particular tools like Landscape.

What's missing is an interface to rule them all, but we're well on track to
deliver an implementable draft of the Open Cloud Computing Interface
(OCCI)<http://www.occi-wg.org/>(essentially a news feed for cloud
computing resources) next month so this
may not be far away. My main motivation for this shameless plug (as WG
secretary and a primary contributor to the spec) is that I'm trying to get
some interesting use cases to make sure the result is sufficiently flexible.

OCCI will be able to manage the entire workload lifecycle (physical or
virtual machine, slice, etc.) for anything from a BIOS based hypervisor
running an SOE on a workstation to a single interface to the "great global
grid" with millions of resources. Here's some starting points:

   - Charter<http://www.ogf.org/gf/group_info/charter.php?review&group=occi-wg>
   - GridForge <http://forge.ogf.org/sf/projects/occi-wg>
      - Wiki <http://forge.ogf.org/sf/go/projects.occi-wg/wiki>
         - API Design<http://forge.ogf.org/sf/wiki/do/viewPage/projects.occi-wg/wiki/APIDesign>
         - Use Cases<http://forge.ogf.org/sf/wiki/do/viewPage/projects.occi-wg/wiki/UseCases>

While we were very happy to see some useful suggestions already from Simon
Wardley (copied) now's the time to have your voice heard and some use
example for Landscape and/or Ubuntu to implement and/or consume OCCI)
would be particularly helpful. You're also invited to join the occi-wg
list<http://www.ogf.org/mailman/listinfo/occi-wg>if this topic is of
interest to you,

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