[desktop] Details about the 16.04 news

Doug Smythies dsmythies at telus.net
Tue Mar 15 20:54:48 UTC 2016

Hi Everyone,

So that I can figure out differences and such, I am running two Ubuntu desktop computers, one with 15.10 and one with 16.04. Help
pages that used to have a "click here" type of thing to open the old "Ubuntu Software Center" to install the desired app, now seems
to open something other than "Software". Does anybody know what it is called?
For example, see (on a xenial desktop - help):
Ubuntu Desktop Guide >> Networking, web, e-mail & chat >> Web Browsers
And "click" on the link in Step 1 of "How to install Flash"

While we are at it, can someone confirm or deny that the cheese app is installed by default now?
Ubuntu Desktop Guide >> Sound, video & pictures > Videos >>
And "click" on the link in Step 1 under "Cheese is not installed by default in Ubuntu. To install Cheese:"

By the way, the html pages equivalent goes to very out of date locations, not updated since 13.10. For example:

... Doug

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