[desktop] Call for help

Gunnar Hjalmarsson gunnarhj at ubuntu.com
Fri Mar 11 01:52:51 UTC 2016

We may wish there was enough time for planning and proper coordination,
but there isn't. We have one week.

Everybody who wants to help: Please just do it, and inform the rest of
us about planned/accomplished efforts by posting to this list and/or
using the spreadsheet which Doug pointed at. Thanks, Doug!


On 2016-03-10 18:19, Doug Smythies wrote:
> I have what appears to "Gnome Software" on my test 16.04 Laptop
> computer.
> At least it looks very much like the screenshots in your second
> link.
> I found it by typing "software" into the box from that top left icon
> "search you computer" thingy.

I didn't have it on my updated (admittedly not fresh) Xenial, and had to
install it:

sudo apt-get install gnome-software

and then start it by running gnome-software in terminal.

In any case addremove-install.page needs to be updated. Thanks for
mentioning it, Hannie!

Anyone who wants to fix addremove-install.page?

Normally we don't do stable release updates of ubuntu-docs. Considering
that 16.04 is an LTS, and since we are running out of time, we may
consider to make an exception. That would give us a few weeks additional
time to make changes, which then could be made available in Ubuntu 16.04.1.

Gunnar Hjalmarsson

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