[desktop] Call for help

Doug Smythies dsmythies at telus.net
Thu Mar 10 02:14:31 UTC 2016

On 2106.03.09 15:18 Doug Smythies wrote:
>On 2016.03.09 11:22 Mark Guthart wrote:
>> For anyone else interested in contributing, let's make
>> sure to coordinate so we aren't duplicating efforts.
> We could revive the Google shared spreadsheet.
> I think Liz and Kevin Godby originally set it up and
> I think Liz and myself and others revised it for 14.04.
> It was incredibly useful during burst type activities.

> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19RdaR3G_8TQ49f-Nb0XJAwhnlweMWJqsTr4kciSV5S0/edit#gid=1

Someone started a Xenial tab. Thanks.

I compared with the current active files in the docs directory and made changes.
It should be ready for use. Make sure you are on the Xenial spreadsheet and not the Trusty or Saucy ones.

... Doug

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