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On 19/02/16 15:50, Andrea Lazzarotto wrote:
> Hi there,
> since it's been a bit of time, I include the link to this thread for
> reference:
> With respect to this issue, I received advice from some of you
> privately to restore the material and add a note in the wiki to
> prevent this person from wiping the contributions again, because we
> reached a consensus that the material has some usefulness.
> However, as far as I understand the wiki is currently locked. Is there
> a way for me to contact an admin w.r.t. re-adding the contents that
> were wiped?
> Thank you.
> Best regards
> -- 
> Andrea Lazzarotto

Hello Andrea,

during lockdown, the method to get pages chanded is this:
- if you would like to restore a previous revision as-is, point us to
that revision number.
- If you want to change a page in some other way, send us the new page
markup fully (not the diff).

You can get the page markup by appending "?action=raw" to the page URL.


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