Upload of ubuntu-docs soon?

Doug Smythies dsmythies at telus.net
Thu Apr 18 14:52:26 UTC 2013

Hi Phil,

Note: I dropped the lubuntu-wiki-docs from this reply.
They can be added back later.

On 2013.04.17 13:41 Phil Whiteside wrote:
> as Server Team look after server[1], I'm happy to ask (and help)
> the lubuntu-wiki-doc[2] team to edit the entry for alternate[3]
> and place an entry in for 13.04 and refer back to help.ubuntu.com
> for people using pre 13.04 alternate ISO's. This would mean minimal
> changes to the Desktop version of help.ubuntu.com

> Would this be of help?

> 1. https://help.ubuntu.com/13.04/serverguide/
> 2. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/DocumentationTeam
> 3. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation#Alternate_Installation
> On 17 April 2013 20:22, Doug Smythies <dsmythies at telus.net> wrote:

Sorry, but I don't understand.
It isn't clear to me that any change needs to be made by anybody.
In the end we aren't really doing anything different than was done
for 12.10, except that I wasn't even going to post the
13.04 version of the installation-guide. For 12.10, it was not
mentioned, and no link given, in the index.html page [4], however
the guide was actually there.

Now, all that being said, I am second guessing the decision.
Why? Well, do the following experiment:

Pretend to be absolutely new to linux and Ubunutu: O.K. so
I found the official documentation at [5] and want to
install desktop 12.10. How? I can not find any information
on how to install it.

The serverguide has a chapter on installation.
... Oh, and that chapter has a link to [6] for more detail
for the 13.04 version, which based on this thread, will
not exist. Darn.

4. https://help.ubuntu.com/12.10/index.html
5. https://help.ubuntu.com/ 
6. https://help.ubuntu.com/13.04/installation-guide/   

... Doug

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