Upload of ubuntu-docs soon?

Jeremy Bicha jbicha at ubuntu.com
Sun Apr 14 20:16:35 UTC 2013

On 10 April 2013 20:41, Gunnar Hjalmarsson <gunnarhj at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> Also, I do hope that somebody will upload to the archive before the ISOs
> for 13.04 are built. Unnecessary to SCREAM out on the index page
> ("What's new in Ubuntu 12.10?") that the docs aren't updated. ;-)

We need someone to commit to uploading the final ubuntu-docs package
for the 13.04 release images Tuesday morning. The final language packs
are generated from the archive packages Tuesday so that it will be
complete by final freeze on Thursday.

I cannot handle this upload both because I don't have the right upload
privileges myself and because it is essential that other people get
this experience. I will be available in #ubuntu-doc and on this
mailing list if you need any help for this upload but I am unable to
commit to being around next release cycle.

Doing the upload involves these steps:
1. Download the translation tarball from
2. Rename the updated translation files you downloaded to match the
already existing naming convention in the po/ folder. The
ubuntu-manual team has a script to help with this or you can see the
note in the README in the ubuntu-docs repository.
3. Update the debian/changelog
4. Test that the package builds on raring. If you've never built an
Ubuntu/Debian package before, expect that this will take some time to
figure out. There are some guides online and you can ask for more help
in #ubuntu-motu or #ubuntu-devel.
Although this cycle hasn't been as active as previous cycles, it is
likely that there will be bugs in the translations that break the
build. The punctuation is important in the translations and the
XML-style tags need to be properly closed. Feel free to edit the .po
file directly to correct typos. I think Launchpad should import the
correction when the commit is made to lp:ubuntu-docs. Historically
this has been the most difficult step for me as it's difficult to
identify where exactly the build fails. You can ask for help though!
5. Find a sponsor for the upload. I recommend asking on #ubuntu-devel

After all that is done, it would be good to update
http://help.ubuntu.com/ with an offline copy of the documentation. The
branch for that is at

You can generate the html for ubuntu-docs by running 'make html' from
the ubuntu-help/ directory. This will create a html/ directory with
the files you need. It looks like for the serverguide you just need to
run 'make serverguide-html' from lp:serverguide. I never figured out
how to correctly generate the installation guide HTML which was why it
was not included for 12.10.

Next month, you can delete the online help for 8.04 and 11.10 and the
desktop help for 10.04 when those releases reach End of Life:


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