Request for Docs Freeze Extension for Serverguide

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Wed Mar 21 21:24:50 UTC 2012

On Wednesday, March 21, 2012 03:19:24 PM Peter Matulis wrote:
> Hi,
> The Documentation String Freeze is scheduled for Thursday, but the
> Ubuntu Server Guide won't be ready by then.  I know it's debatable
> whether the Serverguide project should strictly follow String Freeze but
> I figured I better be safe than sorry.  Although there is much material
> that has not undergone review we have also received some very
> significant contributions, mostly in the form of 'LXC Containters', 'MD
> Multipath', and 'Openstack'.  We are also working to improve the PDF
> version of the guide as there are some non-obvious buglets that sneak in
> during the build.  A small but important change is that we want to make
> the XML validation step part and parcel of the actual build.  It was
> found that some people were omitting this step which led to some
> non-trivial headaches.  Anyone wanting to lend a hand in at least
> validating existing material please head on over to:
> ide
> We should be ready one week from now, March 28.
> Thanks for listening.

To the extend an exception is required (I don't think applying the freeze 
makes any sense because the server guide isn't shipped in the archive as a 
package), exception approved.  It's not going to affect anything.

Scott K

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