Request for Docs Freeze Extension for Serverguide

Peter Matulis peter.matulis at
Wed Mar 21 19:19:24 UTC 2012


The Documentation String Freeze is scheduled for Thursday, but the
Ubuntu Server Guide won't be ready by then.  I know it's debatable
whether the Serverguide project should strictly follow String Freeze but
I figured I better be safe than sorry.  Although there is much material
that has not undergone review we have also received some very
significant contributions, mostly in the form of 'LXC Containters', 'MD
Multipath', and 'Openstack'.  We are also working to improve the PDF
version of the guide as there are some non-obvious buglets that sneak in
during the build.  A small but important change is that we want to make
the XML validation step part and parcel of the actual build.  It was
found that some people were omitting this step which led to some
non-trivial headaches.  Anyone wanting to lend a hand in at least
validating existing material please head on over to:

We should be ready one week from now, March 28.

Thanks for listening.

Peter Matulis

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