Call for help to the docs team

Jeremy Bicha jbicha at
Thu Mar 22 16:58:26 UTC 2012

On 22 March 2012 10:04, David Planella <david.planella at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been speaking to some of the members of the docs team about this
> subject, and after some discussion I thought I'd write to the list to
> keep everyone in the loop and ask for your help.
> Unity documentation not being ready and the recent freeze exception
> affect directly a project in which the Simplified Chinese translation
> community and the Canonical Professional Engineering Services (PES) team
> are currently working on [1].
> In short, Canonical is working with both the Chinese community and paid
> translators to complete the Ubuntu docs package translation, which is
> going to be used in the main 12.04 release and for a critical PES
> project. The original plan was to start the translation work tomorrow
> following the freeze, which will not happen now, so we're trying to do
> the best to adapt to the new situation.
> One area in which the help from the docs team would be extremely useful
> is in pointing out, even if roughly, to:
> - Which documentation pages are most likely to remain unchanged (e.g.
> the GNOME documentation pages)
> - Which documentation pages are most likely to be modified
> - Which documentation pages are going to be newly written (e.g.
> unity-*.page, etc.)
> I am aware of the work Jeremy Bicha and others have started on the
> documentation TODO list [2], but if we could get a somewhat more
> concrete overview in the form pointed above, it would be really useful
> for us, so that we can better schedule the work for this project.

David & Kyle, thanks for the post. You're right; we need to do a
better job of keeping track of what's final for 12.04 and what still
needs work. Matthew has a nice script he created for 11.04, but we've
let it slide since. There will be a row in each page similar to

<revision version="12.04" date="2012-03-22" status="final"/>

with the status being "outdated" (needs fixing), "review" (needs to be
checked), or "final". You can then run ./ in
ubuntu-help/C/ to get a printout of what's done and what isn't. I
started updating that field today but it won't get finished until late
tonight as I'm still at work now. When it's done, I'll post again to
the docs and translator lists so that everyone can benefit.


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