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Tue Apr 10 08:27:32 UTC 2012

Dear Ubuntu Documentation Team,

My name is Mark Luce, I'm an American living in Austria and I work at a
software company in Vienna named Braintribe IT Technologies GmbH, we
produce a type of Document Management Systems but much more powerful than
that appellative would imply; here's our link;

The reason for which I write to you is that I am in the Documentation
department and I wanted to use real world examples of documents that the IT
departments  of companies/organizations who are presently and will become
our customers, can relate to and are familiar with, and of course I
naturally thought of you and your product because it is open source and in
use worldwide either alone or in conjunction with Windows. I am formally
asking you permission if I can use various components of Ubuntu as screen
shots for our documentation process; I would be using images (mainly your
famous Crane) and a few PDF Manuals like "Getting Started with Ubuntu
10.10.pdf" which is only seen as a title in our system.  I can submit a few
samples of my work for your viewing evaluation.

Sincerely Yours,

Mark Luce
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