NetworkManager-pptp plugin introduces new strings for tooltips.

Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre mathieu-tl at
Mon Apr 9 16:10:56 UTC 2012


I'm filing a Freeze Exception bug for network-manager-pptp; one of the
changes is that it introduces new strings for added tooltips. Those
are expected to explain and map to the various pptp/ppp options
available through the UI.

These new strings are barely visible (as tooltips over the
configuration UI), and are meant to help administrators and users
identify what each UI feature maps to which ppp options.

All the strings are listed here:

If you find that we shouldn't apply these changes, please let me know
as soon as possible to that this particular commit can be reverted as
a distro patch; also, apologies for this change being so late in the
release cycle :)

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