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Alex Lourie at
Tue Sep 8 06:06:52 UTC 2009

Hi all

Some time ago I've volunteered to create man pages for some stuff from the
list Phil had posted
on this list [1].

I've been working with Phil for the last couple of weeks, while he's been
guiding me
with writing man pages for:

*  checkbox-gtk
*  gnome-language-selector
*  gnome-appearance

I've done last updates to the man pages, and they are ready for your review
my corresponding git page [2].

I've updated descriptions according to Phil's suggestions and did fixed
minor other issues in them.
I've done them all according to Gnome's manpages (or at least according to
gedit example).
I named all files to .1, so they will remind more the real man page files.

I'd like to get some feedback regarding the results, and the guidance
regarding what to do next.

As a side question: shouldn't we suggest these to upstream? At least the
gnome ones?
>From here, it would seem absolutely the right thing to do. What is the
general flow in
such a case?

Thanks for the help.

[1] -
[2] -

P.S.    As Vicram also declared his intentions to work on the documentation,
I think it is a good idea to put "Status" column on page [1] to notify that
someone is working on things. Otherwise we could get to duplicate efforts
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