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Phil Bull philbull at
Sun Sep 13 11:12:11 UTC 2009

Hi Alex,

On Sun, 2009-09-13 at 09:42 +0300, Alex Lourie wrote:
> Although I agree with you both, wouldn't it be a good practice to add
> to the "answers" we provide a few links, that point to more detailed
> information?
> For example, after the answer on the Phil's question "why is my screen
> stretched"?, 
> we could add couple of links, like this:
>  "For more information on the subject, look at:
> 1. X server
> 2. Gnome desktop environment"
> Which is, in fact, similar to adding tags with links to the wiki page.

Yes, adding links to "further reading" is a good idea, because it helps
people who didn't find the answer to their question in your topic, and
people who want background information. You need to make sure that the
"further reading" links don't get in the way of the main content,

I can't wait until we start moving to Mallard, since it makes this sort
of thing really easy.



Phil Bull

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