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Tue Oct 27 02:04:51 UTC 2009

Hi Mark,

Glad to hear you want to get involved with the project and team. See the end
of this email for important links you'll probably find to be what your
looking for. First is the wiki guide detailing how to edit pages, the second
is the doc team home. See the wiki section in particular  and you'll
probably want to read the rest as well. I think that's what you were looking

If you want some live help, we have an IRC channel in #ubuntu-doc on
Freenode server (see link 3 for how to connect). Sometimes channel is quiet,
ya can drop into #ubuntu-beginners some doc members like me primarily hang
out there. I think there's also #kde-docs, that's more kde specific though.

1 - []
2 - []
3 - []

Hope that helps, sorry nobody replied to you before. All the best.
Jeremy Pallats/

Beginners Team/Wiki FG Member -
Wiki Homepage -

On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 5:23 PM, Mark C. Miller <mr.mcmiller at>wrote:

> I spent most of the summer trying to figure out how I could help.  I
> wanted to get my feet wet as a editor/reviewer.  I posted a request for a
> mentor that went unanswered.  I tried to follow the Wiki which in essence
> turns into a series of do-loops: everything you select takes you to a
> different page that refers you back to the beginning.  There seem to be a
> dozen different wiki pages that direct you to different places to offer
> help.
> I've only been using Ubuntu for about a year and am in no way a power
> user.  I am an English teacher, so figured I have something to offer in
> terms of proof-reading, helping with a wiki, or writing documentation.
> Can someone give me a single point of contact where I can get started?
> tnx
> mcm
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> Mark C. Miller, Indianapolis Indiana USA
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