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Matthew East mdke at
Wed Oct 14 12:40:47 UTC 2009

Hi Matthew,

On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 1:33 PM, Matthew Revell
<matthew.revell at> wrote:
> I work for Canonical on the Launchpad team. We've had some requests
> for a help page that explains what PPAs are, and how to use them, to
> someone who's looking to install software from a PPA.
> I think such a document should live in the Ubuntu help world, rather
> than on the Launchpad help wiki. I've had a look but I can't find
> anything on or that does that job. If
> I'm missing something, could you please point me in the right
> direction?

Nathan Handler contributed a section during this release cycle that
will appear in the Ubuntu help system and on with
9.10's release. You can see a preview of it here:

Matthew East
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