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Connor Imes rocket2dmn at
Sat Oct 10 22:10:24 UTC 2009

I've been working with starcraftman for a couple of years on the forums, 
and more recently on the BT.  He has been a strong contributor to the 
Community Docs, and has proven himself to be a excellent writer, as well 
as a great guy to work with.  As I've already expressed to Mathew, I 
definitely support his application for the ubuntu-doc-wiki-admins team.

Unknown 3000 wrote:
> To mdke and fellow members,
> Hi there. here. Kinda quiet, or rather I'm more of an IRC person 
> I suppose. Anyway, I'm putting in an application for admin team on the wiki 
> where I do most of my work lately for Ubuntu. Been a writer in general for a 
> long while now dating back to time on forums, I find it an enjoyable release 
> from my rather complicated day job as a uni student. 
> Been working since over summer as part of wiki-fg on the beginners team and 
> I'd say I've gotten quite a good bit done. My main fixation has been backup - 
> something I'm quite preoccupied with due to past experience - the coverage of 
> which I found lacking on the wiki. Been fixing it up over time as best I can 
> and adding quite a large amount of content, the formatting still isn't quite 
> there, I'm going back over it. As a small side thing, also did work fixing up 
> assorted ISO pages. All of these major changes have been tracked on my 
> homepage, see end of message.
> Apart from my main contributions, did some work cleaning up tags for Rocket 
> towards latter part of summer if I recall right so well acquainted with de-
> linking policy prior to admin changes. As well as some other odd edits to 
> smaller and less important pages. I didn't bother tracking all of these, my 
> homepage would surely become too large.
> As to future, not sure what I'll do. Have been thinking of getting into 
> system-docs something I'm still largely ignorant of. Still working on fixing up 
> backup in meantime. I'm sure there's no shortage of administration tasks that 
> need help with as well. That's about it. If you've any questions, I'll try and 
> be a bit more active on mail list during discussion (and after, here's hoping) 
> and reply to any directed towards me. I'm also of course on IRC as 
> or one of my numerous aliases.
> Thanks for your time,
> Jeremy Pallats/
> Homepage:
> [1]
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> Jeremy Pallats/
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