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Sat Oct 10 21:23:21 UTC 2009

To mdke and fellow members,

Hi there. here. Kinda quiet, or rather I'm more of an IRC person 
I suppose. Anyway, I'm putting in an application for admin team on the wiki 
where I do most of my work lately for Ubuntu. Been a writer in general for a 
long while now dating back to time on forums, I find it an enjoyable release 
from my rather complicated day job as a uni student. 

Been working since over summer as part of wiki-fg on the beginners team and 
I'd say I've gotten quite a good bit done. My main fixation has been backup - 
something I'm quite preoccupied with due to past experience - the coverage of 
which I found lacking on the wiki. Been fixing it up over time as best I can 
and adding quite a large amount of content, the formatting still isn't quite 
there, I'm going back over it. As a small side thing, also did work fixing up 
assorted ISO pages. All of these major changes have been tracked on my 
homepage, see end of message.

Apart from my main contributions, did some work cleaning up tags for Rocket 
towards latter part of summer if I recall right so well acquainted with de-
linking policy prior to admin changes. As well as some other odd edits to 
smaller and less important pages. I didn't bother tracking all of these, my 
homepage would surely become too large.

As to future, not sure what I'll do. Have been thinking of getting into 
system-docs something I'm still largely ignorant of. Still working on fixing up 
backup in meantime. I'm sure there's no shortage of administration tasks that 
need help with as well. That's about it. If you've any questions, I'll try and 
be a bit more active on mail list during discussion (and after, here's hoping) 
and reply to any directed towards me. I'm also of course on IRC as or one of my numerous aliases.

Thanks for your time,
Jeremy Pallats/

Jeremy Pallats/

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