New Member Introduction

Thomas R. Jones thomas.jones at
Thu Nov 19 15:11:22 UTC 2009

Hello everyone,

I wanted to formally introduce myself to the Ubuntu Documentation

My name is Thomas R. Jones. I am(i believe) the newest member of your
community. Here is a little bit about me so that you may get a feel for
my experiences and lack of in certain areas:

I am an experienced DocBook and XML author. 
Author of my own Schema: Extensible Security Document Language.
Author of 8,000+ XML vulnerability and inventory definition files for
Independent Information Security Analyst.
Recently voted as a OpenSUSE member: thomasrjones.
Authored 1,000+ DocBook titles(programmatically of course).
Former member of the Fedora Documentation Team.
Technical reviewer of various hardback books available on the market.

Obviously, I am geared towards the information security realm of
documentation. However, I believe whole-heartedly in the Linux community
and want to increase its exposure in today's digital society. Any topic
or contribution that is beneficial to the general public is a possible
project for me.

I finally tried Ubuntu just a month ago-------I am floored! This product
is amazing. I don't prefer the brown tones; but that is a personal
preference. ;)

I would like to extend my hand to the community and help wherever I can.
A list of TODOs would be greatly beneficial.

Thanks for your time. Cheers.
Thomas R. Jones

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