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Hi Simon,

On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 12:50:57PM +0000, Simon Wardley wrote:
> Thanks for this, somehow missed this one.

> Larry, can you double check this with the other content that is being
> written and make sure it is fairly consistent.

> = Suggestion

> Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition makes it easy to experiment with cloud
> computing. Eucalyptus, an open source technology which is included in
> Ubuntu as a technology preview, enables you to use your own servers to
> deploy, experiment and test your own private cloud that matches the
> Amazon EC2 API. You can dynamically create virtual machines, configure
> multiple clusters into a single Cloud and even provide an EBS (elastic
> block storage) equivalent and an S3 compatible storage manager.

> Ubuntu Server Edition will also see Ubuntu available on Amazon EC2 --
> making it the most complete cloud environment available today.

> ==

I'm concerned that, in terms of the amount of text dedicated to this tech
preview in the above, it's going to overshadow the other features
highlighted in the beta announcement.  I will, however, reuse this text on
the Technical Overview page, where we go into more detail.

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