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Jorge O. Castro wrote on 03/03/09 00:00:
> I am interested in gathering feedback on the state of our developer
> documentation. I just don't want feedback from doc people but from
> Ubuntu developers themselves who have been consuming these docs.
> Currently the developer link from points people to this
> page:
> This page covers an immense amount of information about all aspects of
> Ubuntu Development. Mozilla has a "Mozilla Hacking in a Nutshell" page
> that caught my eye in a format that looks useful:
> I am wondering if perhaps we should have a more focused set of pages
> that makes it easier for people to drill down into a specific area of
> development as opposed to "One Big Page" or if we should start looking
> at something a bit more structured? I've heard many developer-friends
> of mine (who are not involved in Ubuntu) say that they wish Linux had
> an equivalent of the documentation that is in something like MSDN
> because they can never find anything and get lost in a bunch of wiki
> pages.

There's an important distinction here, between developing the platform
and developing for the platform. is about developing Mozilla itself.

MSDN is mostly about developing applications *for* Windows etc.

UbuntuDevelopment is about developing Ubuntu itself.

We appear to have no organized information at all for people who want to
develop applications *for* Ubuntu.

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