Ubuntu Server Guide

billybigrigger billybigrigger at thefrozencanuck.ca
Sun Jun 14 21:17:51 UTC 2009

Afternoon all,

I just went through a clean install of 9.04 server, with clean installs 
for apache, php5, dovecot, and postfix...following the server guide. My 
first problem was when configuring Dovecot to use JUST imaps (993) and 
not imap, pop3, and pop3s.  Seems simple enough, just edit 
/etc/dovecot/dovecont.conf and find protocols= and leave imaps and 
nothing else...and restarted dovecot, ran nmap and nope, 110, 143, and 
995 were still listening, netstat confirmed dovecot was the one 
listening...ok double checked the dovecot.conf to see that imaps was the 
only protocol in there....the nice guys at #dovecot on freenode informed 
me this was a problem in ubuntu and that i should be editing 

Maybe this should be documented on the server guide somewhere???

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