Stub pages on the community wiki?

Andrew Sayers at
Mon Jul 20 10:27:41 UTC 2009

A page on HUC that I look after[1] was recently edited.  The edit added 
a link to [[Mono]] - a page that doesn't exist.  I'm not sure what to do 
about this - I don't want to remove the link, because it makes a 
reasonable point.  I don't want to leave it there, because it's a broken 
link.  And I don't want to take responsibility for writing a [[Mono]] 
page that I have no interest in.

If this were Wikipedia, I would suggest creating a Mono "stub" page. 
How would you guys feel about creating a "CategoryStub" (or 
Category/Stub, if you liked my Playbook suggestion), and writing up a 
small Mono stub page?

	- Andrew


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