Categories and SubPages as it pertains to the Wiki Playbook

Andrew Sayers at
Sun Jul 19 17:34:16 UTC 2009

I've been having a go at creating a hierarchy using the existing 
"category" system built into MoinMoin.  The current version is here:

The basic idea is to turn category pages into something similar to 
Wikipedia's "templates", so each category can have a standard footer, 
pointing the reader to other areas in the category.  I think this 
fulfils the requirements of a tag system, and gives the user some 
navigation aid to boot.

Each category has an "about" page that describes the purpose of the 
category.  Looking at page histories suggests that editors are just 
adding bits and pieces, and daren't delete anybody else's content, so I 
thought that giving people rules about what's on- and off-topic might 
help encourage people to edit things.

The implementation has been left deliberately scrappy - it's designed to 
be more like a technology demo that inspires as many reactions of 
"that's clever, I didn't know you could do that" as reactions of "I hate 
that, but doing exactly the opposite would be quite good".

	- Andrew

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