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Tue Jan 6 13:06:19 UTC 2009

În data de Ma, 06-01-2009 la 12:21 +0000, Matthew East a scris:
> On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 11:11 AM, Adi Roiban <adi at> wrote:
> > În data de Ma, 06-01-2009 la 08:42 +0000, Matthew East a scris:
> >> Hi Adi,
> > If you want I could check the translations files for all languages and
> > then send the fix to you.
> > Also I could post them on the net and ask each language translators to
> > upload them.
> >
> > If you think it is useful I could check all languages once in a while
> > (every 2 week or so) and report the errors.
> If you are interested in assisting with the task of downloading and
> fixing translations for ubuntu-docs, that would be very helpful. I
> don't think it is necessary to do so every two weeks, although the
> more translations we fix, the easier the task becomes!! I think that
> for each release, once before release, and once during the release
> cycle is about right.
I am happy to help with the translation related tasks for ubuntu-docs.
I was thinking to create at least an HTML version of ubuntu-docs for all
languages so that it will be easy for translators to check their work.
This should be the equivalent of Ubuntu lang-pack PPA

If we can create a script and automate this job will help us create more
frequent releases.

Now I'm looking at intrepid files to see if I'm able to automate some

> What I tend to do is to make a list of the translations which don't
> work when I import them from Rosetta. For example, before the release
> of intrepid I did it in our ubuntu-intrepid branch:
> I haven't got around to uploading fixed po files to Rosetta, mainly
> because last time we tried this, Rosetta rejected the po files that
> were uploaded and I couldn't figure out the reason.
> But if you are interested in working on this, then I think that we can
> improve things. Let's plan for doing an update to intrepid
> translations soon - I will notify the translators, and then we can
> work together to see what improvements can be made to the workflow.
Ok. Just tell me what needs to be done and I will see if I could help.

In the meanwhile I will create the on my computer and
get familiar with ubuntu-docs. 

> >> > Also I looked at wiki page but it seems like
> >> > the new theme is not there.
> >>
> >> It's not worth adding it - is not run by a wiki
> >> (unlike or any other dynamic software. It
> >> contains static html files which are built from the xml documents
> >> using scripts which you can find in the Makefile in the ubuntu-docs
> >> package. The theme comes from the xsl and css files which you find in
> >> the libs directory.
> > I was able to use the static theme for
> >
> > I was refering to the wiki theme.
> > Is this updated on the page?
> I see - ok, I've added a link to the bzr branch with the theme.
Thanks !
Adi Roiban

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